Kendrick Lamar Got Drake Pill Bottles From Chest Stolen In Jamaica From His Dad: Exclusive

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Update: Kendrick Lamar has since deleted the photo for unknown reasons.

Kendrick Lamar shook the internet with his swift response to Drake’s diss song last night. Within an hour of Drizzy dropping “Family Matters,” the Compton rapper responded with “Meet The Graham,” a blistering diss song with some wild claims about the OVO chief.

One of the main points of discussions about Kendrick Lamar’s two diss songs, “6:16 In LA” and “Meet The Grahams,” is the cover art. Both songs arrived hours apart and utilized aspects of the same cover art. “6:16 In LA” features a black leather Maybach glove on the cover art, and that image is just a crop of a larger photo that shows the glove beside two receipts and two pill bottles. That larger photo formed the artwork for the song “Meet The Grahams.”

If you zoomed in closer, you would notice Drake’s government name, Aubrey Graham, and what appears to be an address on one of the pill bottles. The question now is how Kendrick Lamar got his hands on the items.

Kendrick Lamar ‘Meet The Grahams’ Artwork

Sources told Urban Islandz that the Compton rapper doesn’t physically have the items in his possession but just got the photo from a source associated with Drake’s OVO camp. We’re told that these items were inside a chest that was stolen from Drizzy’s father, Dennis Graham, in Jamaica during a trip in 2021.

“Kendrick got the photo from a someone in OVO it’s true Drake might have a mold or someone who was associated with him who is disgruntled,” sources told Urban Islandz on Saturday. “The items were in a chest stolen from Dennis in Jamaica in 2021 and the thieves took the photos and got some money to return some of the loot.”

In 2021, Graham shared that he was offering JM$1 million to anyone who stole the chest to return it because the items inside were valuable to him and of no use to the thieves.

“We are offering a $1 Million jmd reward for anyone in possession of a chest taken from 9 Dacosta Drive, Ocho Rios St. Ann Jamaica,” the older Graham said at the time. “We will not prosecute whoever returns it unopened. It does not contain anything of monetary value, Just sentimental value. Please email [email protected] for drop off location and arrange of payment.”

DJ Akademiks also backed up some of the information Urban Islandz received about the origins of the items on Kendrick Lamar’s song’s artwork. According to the podcaster, K.Dot got the items from a stolen suitcase belonging to Dennis Graham.

“So Drake’s paps suitcase had these things in it,” Akademiks said. “Don’t know how he got a hold of it. Don’t know how this happened to get in Kendrick’s hand’s, but apparently Kendrick Lamar must have got a hold Drake’s dad suitcase. So we’re talking about Dennis Graham, which is Drake’s paps. Remember all this talk about leaks in the camp?”

Drake and his father have not reacted to the claims about his stolen suitcase or chest getting into Kendrick Lamar’s hands, but the rapper addressed alleged leaks in his camp and allegations he has a secret 11-year-old daughter.

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