New Book By Heather Dolland Tamam Shares Life Lessons Of Embracing Change And Navigating Uncertainty And Doubt

NEW YORK, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Heather Dolland Taman, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and life coach, announced the release of her groundbreaking new book, PIVOT BECAUSE LIFE DOESN’T ALWAYS GO AS PLANNED. The book is published by Doltam Creative Solutions www.doltam.com and is available for distribution through Ingram Spark https://www.ingramspark.com/.

The latest work from Heather Dolland Tamam is her first publication outside of the alcohol industry of which she has been a part for 14 years. Captured in a series of concise stories and experiences, the author shares her journey as a young woman from Grenada navigating her way through college then corporate life in New York. It’s an easy read that is an unfiltered account of the author’s life – both its challenges and triumphs. It’s a reminder that once we push forward and focus on getting up, the number of times we fall no longer matter. They are all opportunities to learn.

The paperback is available through retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The audio version is available on Audible.

About Heather Dolland Tamam
Heather Dolland Tamam was born in Grenada and moved to New York in 1995 to study Architecture. In 2003 she began her career as an Environmental Consultant. In 2012 she started her first company All The Tastes of New York and released her first book, Discovering The New York Craft Spirits Boom in 2015. In 2017 she started her second company Tastes Brands to work with Craft Distillers. She released her second book, Before The Glass: Things To Consider When Entering The BoozeBusiness in 2018. In 2021 she began her career as a Content Creator and Lifestyle Model. She lives in New York City and enjoys coaching, consulting and speaking.

About Doltam Creative Solutions
Doltam Creative Solutions was founded by Heather Dolland Tamam to provide coaching, consulting, speaking and voice over services. As a business owner who has worked with companies in a range of industries, I offer a unique perspective to clients and brands. As a female voice over actor, my areas of specialty are corporate and commercial narration. I also do biographies, documentaries, video narration and e-learning. As a keynote speaker, I focus primarily on transition speaking, helping individuals find clarity in their life and career.