“Whatever happens, we have already made history: Glorimar Marrero and Isel Rodríguez take the Puerto Rican voice to Spain

The content originally appeared on: El Nuevo Día

Valladolid, Spain- It is a windy and humid afternoon in Valladolid. This Castilian city is hosting the Goya Awards, the great night of Spanish cinema, for the first time this year. Glorimar Marrero arrived just on time at the lobby of her hotel, where we had agreed to meet. Isel Rodríguez, the star of her first feature film, comes later because she has just arrived from Puerto Rico and has to try makeup and hair options for Saturday’s gala. Glorimar arrived a few days earlier and stayed in Madrid. With a two-hour interview, the director has time to taste the typical Spanish stew and to think about the event ahead where she could win the best Ibero-American film award.