Offset Responds To Nicki Minaj Husband Petty Gang Threats In New York

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Things have gotten heated as the husbands of rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj join the ongoing feud. Now, Minaj’s crew is threatening to harm Offset as they shared that they were out searching for him on Friday night.

A video emerged with Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, and his friends seemingly out in the streets of New York looking for Offset.

“Offset where you at? That’s it. Gotta spin that sh*t…go Kanye n***a…we outside, big Zoo outside,” the man can be heard saying while Petty joins in by saying, “What’s up n***a” and another man says, “Drop the location.”

“Offset dm ni**as acting like, yow where you at? We run this city, don’t let them n***as fool you we run this city,” another man said.

Kenneth Petty also said, “f**k you talking bout? Let’s talk man. P**sy ass n**as I don’t know who yall think yall playing with. Sturdy ni**as. All the way.”

“Nobody hiding around here. We outside, we ready n***ga. We run this sh*t keep playing n**ga. That whole gang can suck a d*ck. I’m known for having you scared,” Petty added.

In the Instagram life video, one of Petty’s friends claims that Offset sent a DM threatening him, but he did not reveal the content of the DM.

Kenneth Petty’s threats against Offset come on the heels of reports that there was tension backstage at the VMAs between “Super Freaky Girl” rapper Nicki Minaj and “Bodak Yellow” artist Cardi B. Both women were in attendance at the show hosted by Minaj, where Cardi B also attended and performed her latest track, “Bongos,” alongside Megan Thee Stallion.

The camps for both women were reportedly in close proximity backstage, but it’s unclear if anything took place between them.

Fans have been speculating that something happened as Cardi B posted a cryptic tweet, “I didn’t even flinch.”

Others also shared a photo of Minaj’s husband and crew, insinuating that Cardi B left the party early because she feared Nicki and her crew.

However, there are reports that Cardi B hosted her own VMAs after party where celebrities rolled in, but also the fact that she only won one award, and it wouldn’t have made sense for her to stay the entire show to watch her nemesis host the event.

In the meantime, while Zoo and his crew were arguing and shouting at their phones, Offset was having the time of his life in Atlanta as he joined Kai Cenat on a 24-hour live stream. The men appeared in good spirits as they showed off their “sturdy” dance moves, and Cenat even pranked Offset with a live anaconda in the studio.

Catching word of the threats, Offset also responded in a video of his own where he mocked Petty, telling him that he was heading on a private jet.

“I’m getting on the jet…These n***gas could not. These n**gas broke. We hopping on jets b*tch, y’all n**gas standing outside,” Offset said, laughing and clearly tickled by the video of Petty and his crew.

In the meantime, Petty is currently on one-year probation for violating California’s Sex Offender laws. It’s unclear what this means for him, but if he chooses to break any law during his probation, he’s risking jail time.

As for the entire thing, fans also reacted.

“If I were offset I would go outside by a park or a school and tell him meet me there! Cuz He cant!!! He’s a registered! I will taunt him in areas he can’t even go just to get the last laugh,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Nah son his wife to rich for this broke behavior smh,” another said.

“He 50 years old still trying to get a young person’s attention… ain’t that how he got registered on that list in the first place?” one wrote.

“The only people that think Kenneth Petty is a gangster is Nicki fans. Mind you this the same man who let his wife buy her own wedding ring. Only thing scary bout him is he broke,” one said in response to Offset’s video.

“Imagine recording yourself threatening somebody on social media when the government had to sign your permission slip to even attend the event? Are sex offenders even allowed on the internet?” another said.