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Jamaica continues to rank among countries that fail to make serious inroads against corruption, despite climbing one place to land in the number 69 position in Transparency International’s 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ranking.

Based on its 2022 CPI ranking, Jamaica is the fifth most corrupt country in the Caribbean behind Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Transparency International ranked Barbados the least corrupt country in the region, with a score of 65 out of 100 and a ranking of 29th out of 180 countries, the same as 2020’s CPI.

In commenting on Jamaica’s 2022 CPI performance, Executive Director of the Integrity Commission, Greg Christie, said the country’s score of 44 “continues to stand as its best score ever.”

It previously attained a similar score in 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021, Christie outlined on Twitter.

“In the 21 years that TI (Transparency International) has been ranking Jamaica, the country has averaged a CPI score of only 38 out of 100,” Christie said.

“Prior to its 2017 CPI score of 44, it had never scored higher than 41 – its CPI score in 2015. Jamaica’s lowest CPI score ever was 30, recorded in 2009,” he added.

The CPI is regarded as the most widely used global corruption ranking in the world.

It measures how corrupt each country’s public sector is perceived to be, according to experts and business people.

The data sources used to compile the CPI consider issues such as bribery, diversion of public funds, officials using their public office for private gain without facing consequences, and the ability of governments to contain corruption in the public sector among others.

Transparency International said the 2022 CPI “shows that most of the world continues to fail to fight corruption”.

Additionally, approximately 95 per cent of countries have made little to no progress since 2017.

The global CPI average remains unchanged for over a decade at just 43 out of 100.

“More than two-thirds of countries scored below 50, while 26 nations fell to their lowest scores yet,” the report said.

Some 155 countries made no significant progress against corruption, or have declined since 2022.

Topping Transparency International’s 2022 CPI country rankings is Denmark, with a score of 90.

Following behind with scores of over 80 out of 100, which signals that they are least corrupt, are: Finland (87); New Zealand (87); Norway (84); Singapore (83); Sweden (83); Switzerland (82); and Netherlands (80).

Somalia finished at the bottom of the ranking at 180, scoring 12 out of 100 and placing at 180.

Turning to the America’s region, Christie said Transparency International lamented that for the fourth consecutive year, the region has scored a CPI average of 43.

“Leaders have failed to take decisive action against corruption…,” Christie quoted a section of the report.

“This has allowed criminal networks to strengthen their hold, wielding significant power over politicians in many countries and aggravating violence in the region with the highest per capita homicide rate,”

Christie stated, too, that Transparency International pointed out that “weak law enforcement institutions, and high levels of corruption, have allowed drug cartels to expand to the Caribbean.”

How Caribbean countries are ranked:


Rank: 29th

Score: 65

The Bahamas

Rank: 30th

Score: 64

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Rank: 35th

Score: 60


Rank: 45th

Score: 55

St Lucia

Rank: 45th

Score: 55


Rank: 51st

Score: 52


Rank: 65th

Score: 45


Rank: 69th

Score: 44

Trinidad and Tobago

Rank: 77th

Score: 42


Rank: 85th

Score: 40

Dominican Republic

Rank: 123rd

Score: 32


Rank: 171st

Score: 17