Booise Put Kodak Black On Notice, Rod Wave Responds To Lawsuit Threats

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rod Wave says he wants to pull up on Boosie Badazz and will ensure that the rapper is “straight,” as he joked about the Baton Rouge rapper suing him for copyright infringement. Kodak Black was also put on notice as Lil Boosie makes it clear that he won’t tolerate unauthorized sampling of his music.

Rod Wave came under fire over the weekend for remaking Boosie’s song “Long Journey.” At first, Rod had an arrogant response to Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz as he shared past videos of Boosie, which many think he’s using to shade the rapper as being “broke.”

Rod Wave has earned himself another No. 1 album, but one of his biggest tracks is the one he remade of Boosie’s song of the same name (Long Journey), released in 2010. On Sunday, Boosie called out rappers, including Rod Wave, for sampling his music without permission and said he would be moving to handle things legally.

Boosie also said that some artists felt that because he was a gangster, he should not involve the courts, but the rapper insisted that “it’s just business” and he wanted to pay for his music because the ones who stole his music have never asked for a verse from him.

After Boosie’s video was released, Rod Wave seemingly mocked the Louisiana rap legend as he shared two old videos of Boosie Badazz fooling around as if he was broke. In one video, Boosie is seen counting out a small amount of $100 bills on the streets before he proceeds to lie on the streets and pretend he is homeless.

“This is my mattress at night I be swimming in a pool of hunnids,” Boosie says.

Rod Wave captioned the video with a heartbreak emoji. He also shared another video of Boosie talking about having his in his car and having money at his house.

In another video posted to his Instagram Story, Rod Wave, however, said he’s ready to pay Boosie.

“I’ll pull up and make sure you straight. Man, this sh*t gotta stop, man. Man, you aint gotta sue a n***a like me. I’ll pull up on you bro. Tell me a number. Tell me a real number though,” Rod Wave said.

In another story, he wrote, “On my momma boosie big bra I fw ya tell me a real number yeen even gotta do all dat tell me a number ima pull up and bring it to you!!” he wrote on Instagram Stories.

Rod Wave’s response came after Boosie blasted him on Twitter on Sunday.

“How is it foul? Its buizness n you know that .You aint go do that to no other major label without compensating them with they splits why do it to a ni*** you looked up too. U expect me to let u take my kids publishing gtfoh stop playing victim my ni*** is u go sample no limit,” the rapper said on Twitter.

Boosie Badazz also seemingly called out Kodak Black for sampling his track.

“DAM @kodakblack EVEN THO WE FELL OUT WE COULDA DID FAIR BUIZNESS #justbuizness,” he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, fans were not pleased with Rod Wave’s reaction as they called him out for stealing the song and not giving credit or even asking for permission to remake it.

“Business is business, these rappers are made and have the money and resources to reach out to another rapper and properly ask for samples, y’all only mad at Boosie cuz he older, cuz if somebody sampled YB, and YB started acting up yall would be on YB side,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“Bro if you gone sample somebody music have respect enough to ask to do it and get it cleared… simple . I love Rod but right is right wrong is wrong,” another fan wrote.

As of this publication, Boosie Badazz had not filed a suit but sent a clear message to the rappers sampling his music without proper documents that they needed to pay up.