21 Savage Joins Drake On Stage In Toronto His First International Show

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

21 Savage marked a new milestone in his rap career as he performed for the first time in Canada alongside Drake as they closed out the It’s All A Blur Tour.

The Atlanta rapper was denied entry to Canada on Friday but made it on Saturday for the emotional and momentous occasion that might also be viewed as the ending of a chapter in Drake’s career. Drake was ecstatic as he called on the rapper to come on stage.

The show began with Drake and an interlude from a British actor speaking about 21 Savage’s return to his homeland, England, after being granted his residency in the United States this week. The rapper was previously without status, and his efforts at regularizing his stay in the U.S. were frustrating.

However, despite facing deportation and being unable to leave the United States, new doors have opened for 21, who celebrated his first trip with his close friend Drake.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, performing for the first time outside of America in his life make some noise for my brother 21,” Drake shouts to fans. The rapper makes his way out with many fans hailing him, and one even drapes a Canadian flag over him.

“I know you got it cued up, when he gets up here you play the song I told you to play. We gotta welcome him home. My brother is home tonight,” Drake says.

The packed stadium also paid tribute to 21 Savage as the song Drake wanted – the country’s national anthem ‘O Canada’ comes on, and the crowd bursts into song welcoming the London-born rapper to the North American country.

21 Savage and Drake, who have been close friends for years, are seen embracing each other as the crowd goes up into a crescendo to end the anthem.

Drake continued to pay tribute to 21 Savage and his fans with a series of posts on his Instagram account where he seemingly became emotional at the tour ending.

“O canada we stand on guard for theeeeeeeeeeeee thank you all for the best tour of my life for the 6 for my friends for all the dogs world wide…album floating…tour was spiritual… all you gooofs been throwing my name around publicly for years like a frisbee don’t be shocked if I wanna go fetch that sh** and bring it to your doorstep… it’s us!” the post read.

It continued, “Savage this was hands down the best moment I ever had in my career on stage. Congrats my brother the world is yours!!!!”

In the comments, 21 Savage also responded to Drake, “My brother we ain’t done yet I promise !!!!”

Drake also seemingly addressed his critics in another post.

“Wait, stop typing what you gon post and come say it to my face, give a f*** what a strange stranger gotta say? It’s absolutely no way,” Drizzy wrote.